UK indie rockers Broken Witt Rebels just released their latest EP, Howlin. It’s an awesome, groovy, and soulful EP. We shared the video for The first track on the EP, “Shake Me Down”, which instantly recalled memories of early Kings of Leon. “Bottom of The Hill” builds on that feel, but slows things down a little bit with a pretty slick groove before building into a freakin’ awesome conclusion.  My favorite track, though has to be the the title track, “Howlin”, which starts out soulful, but goes into almost stoner rock territory with some great leads and organ. You almost feel like things are going to slow down when you hear the first few seconds of the last track “Queen Bee” but 30 seconds in Broken Witt Rebels decide that’s not quite them and turn it into a rockin’ track that reminds me a bit of Alabama Shakes.  Howlin is a really great EP, and Broken Witt Rebels rock out as good as any of the modern rock n’ rollers. Broken Witt Rebels are a sum of their influences, and that makes for a really awesome five track EP.

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