Earlier this year, Portland trio Vibrissae released its self-titled LP. The nine-track album can be best described as minimalist but ethereal, synth-pop-rock. Think of Blonde Redhead meets Little Dragon with the occasional splashes of Depeche Mode and even Dream Theater – yes, Dream Theater. The combination of Imber Lingard’s haunting vocals and the melodic guitars and synths performed by Emma and Aaron Bel together create a dreamy quality. The best track on the album is “Not Forever”, which is stunning and beautiful and best exemplifies how the three elements – vocals, guitars, and synth – work brilliantly together. And whereas “Not Forever” is atmospheric, “Never Again” and “Need” are darker, harder tracks that incorporate rock and even elements of prog-rock and metal.

“Incident”, “Crooked Stripe”, and “Crooked Smile”, meanwhile, are buzzier, almost hynoptic electronic numbers. They’re not full-fledged electronica or EDM songs, but something you might discover in the deep caverns of Berlin or Amsterdam. “Somewhere Away” closes the album with its shoegaze synth-rock. It’s the one track where you can clearly hear Blonde Redhead’s influence on the band.

Vibrissae‘s music isn’t for everything, but it is innovative and at times captivating. Ranging from dream pop to synth rock to space rock to mild electronica, the band has shown tremendous range and ability. To find out for yourself, their debut, self-titled EP can be heard in its entirely on their Bandcamp site, which you can of course buy as well. iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic also have it.

Website – http://www.vibrissae.net/
Facebook – Vibrissae
Twitter – @Vibrissaepdx

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