Onwards to beautiful Guelph, Ontario! Guelph is a mid-sized university town in Southern Ontario, close enough to Toronto for an easy day trip, but far enough away from the bustle to be its own thing. Like Kitchener, London, and other Southern Ontario towns, Guelph has a massive arts and cultural scene that is often overshadowed by the big TO looming nearby. Partly because of that university student vibe, but also because like every other town, the folks in Guelph appreciate the finer things. When a smaller city like this has this many gig spots and record stores, you know there is a booming scene ready for you, all you have to do is jump in and find it.

Elequant (or eQ for short) is one of Guelph’s premiere producers. He mixes sounds as diverse as Sega samples, soul music, rock, hip hop, R&B and electronica into some danceable and funky beats. Prolific as an artist and producer, he has a massive social media following. You might not have heard of him before now, but for lots of folks in the know, he’s already a household name.

From 2012, here’s the title track from his 7″ single, Parallel. It’s dreamy and progressive, layered with some buzzy bass and funky drum machine beats.

And from his most recent project, Green Apples and Oranges, this is Oreo (not sure about the food theme, but it’s still groovy). It’s spacey and light, it has something of a new-age make-out vibe.

eQ is one to watch (and hear) as he’s taking his soundscapes on the road across North America and Europe. Check his Facebook page for updates.

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