The city of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan has an intriguing motto: Suprisingly Unexpected. For a city of 35,000 souls, there seems to be a remarkably high volume of odd and interesting projects, people, and events. Being a smallish town (though not as small as most of the towns in Saskatchewan), folks have to double-up on things to be viable. Take, for example, the local record shop: Vintage Vinyl and Hemp Emporium. It’s a creative way to get your Pink Floyd LPs and also stuff you might need to assist in the enjoyment of those LPs.

Speaking of doubling up, there is a pretty cool rock duo based in Moose Jaw, The Faps (though I’ve also seen them mention Saskatoon as a home town). Listening to their debut EP (ded lake) can be a bit challenging, as it alternates from Nirvana-esque (Bleach-era) screeching to, well, other kinds of punk rock screeching. Not for everyone, but I’m enjoying the heck out of these guys.

Check out Wet Tom Jones for the Bleach stuff I mentioned. And check out Tuskany for more grunge madness, but with some bonafide Talking Heads vocals.

Skyler Cafferata (Guitar) and Blair Colwell (Drums) have something very cool happening here. These recordings are live-off-the-floor jams, so don’t expect slick professional stuff. But I imagine this is what a good night sounds like in Moose Jaw (or in countless other small towns across Canada).

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