49 Above, Music, Singles, Spotlight — August 22, 2014 at 8:41 am

49 Above: More Moose Jaw Experimental Music with Frank Willis



Our second stop in the lovely small town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (our first stop was yesterday). Frank Willis is an enigmatic artist and he produces some very out-there experimental material. When I found him online, I first heard his 2012 album Thee Last Supper which was a collection of Jim Jones speeches overlaid with his own ambient-metal madness. A challenging listen for sure, and as an artistic work it’s hard to say if it is really outrageous or if it is an attempt at being outrageous. But take that debate out of it, and you hear something spooky, and overloaded with madness. Jim Jones speeches would be scary enough on their own. In Frank’s most recent work, Desocialized, he weaves some Ministry-style metal riffs (with some nutso double-pedal metal drumming) over top narrative movie clips (I’m not sure where all the verbiage came from, to be honest). What we have hear is less a musical act, as an artists who works in sound collage. Frank Willis has some great metal chops, and great knowledge of production. And he has a keen skill to create spooky soundscapes. Truly not for everyone, but this is another fine example of what amazing things can happen in Moose Jaw.

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