Gothenburg Sweden’s post-rockers Killers Walk Among Us’ debut self-titled LP is officially released today in the US and UK.  It’s a really impressive record, it’s an indie rock record, but it does have some prog tendencies, and features singer Stefan Holmberg’s very unique voice.  The single, which you can stream below, “Bonjour Tristesse” is an epic build, concluding with a huge section with the lyrics “won’t you take my hand, let’s do this.”  There are some slower tracks, like “Quitter Happier” and “Silence is Golden”.  There’s an instrumental inderlude about halfway trough called “Pride & Prejudice” which goes into what may be my favorite tracks on the record, “Från Ramberget ser jag allting som någonsin hänt oss här”, which finds a medium between the heavier and slower tracks.

Killers Walk Among Us is a masterpiece, and normally I would be anticipating the future for a band with this much promise. However, earlier this year Killers Walk Among Us’ creative and driving force, Stefan Holmberg passed away after a long struggle with depression.  This record is his legacy, and his final imprint in the world of music.  Sadly, he never got to see his record released, but he did get to tell his story. The song “The Worse Is Over” closes the record, and it’s a fitting closing track, an epic build with some really moving horn parts as it builds to a huge end.  Killers Walk Among Us is a heavy album, with a heavy story behind it. It is sad that Stefan Holmberg never got to see its release, though it would be more sad now for us not to hear it. Purchase the album via their bandcamp here or visit their website here.

Here’s a video dedicated to the memory of Stefan Holmberg, including a short interview and some moving words at the end.

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