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Mundo Musique: Sounds of Sputnik


It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Canadian-Ukrainian shoegaze duo Ummagma, so we were quite intrigued and excited to hear they were involved in the debut LP, New Born from Russian based Roma Kalitkin, known as Sounds of Sputnik.  The first track, “New Born” is a stunner, it sounds so full, with some incredible vocals from Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma, It’s such a unique sound I’m not sure I can even classify it as shoegaze, but the influence is definitely noticeable.   The next track is the dreamy and hypnotic “Light Scheme”, and that’s where we get into the shoegaze that we crave.  The next two tracks, the spacy “Blizzard” and rocking “Shades of the Cosmos” do not feature Ummagma, or vocals.  The next track is “Overdrive” which rocks hard.

The rest of the record is remixes of the other tracks, from producers like Malcolm Holmes, Sputnik, Morozov, Oleg Mezherovsky, Fran Ashcroft and Mind Movies.  Each remix as its own unique feel to it, giving more life to tracks already full of feeling. They’re all really well done, but the closer, a remix of “Light Scheme” by Mind Movies is absolutely fantastic.   The production on the LP as a whole is fantastic as well, and it makes everything truly shine.

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  1. Thank you so much for the attention!!

  2. Thank you soooo much for this article! Very glad you enjoyed the album!

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