With a musical style like Eddie Vedder’s solo material, a groveling approach like Dylan, and songs about the everyday struggles by ordinary people that would make Tom Morello proud, Cincinnati/LA singer-songwriter Beau Austin can be considered a folk singer for the “common people” – the men and women who toil everyday in occupations that get little recognition but are the bedrock of our countries. He also writes about the women, men, and children who battle each day to make ends meet, about the factory worker or miner, and those who have fought for our countries and lost their lives. His first album is on Soundcloud and you can hear it below.

Austin is now in the process of writing and recording his first full-length LP, and he’s raising funds on IndieGoGo and he needs your support. His goal is to raise $6,500 by October to help him get the album produce and all the other legalities. If you like what you hear below, please give what you can to this aspiring singer-songwriter. His goal is modest, but his message is inspiring.

Here is Austin’s IndieGoGo site should you wish to contribute: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/singing-for-something.

Website – http://www.beauaustinmusic.com/
Facebook – Beau Austin Music
Twitter – @beau_austin

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