A couple of years back, North Carolina band Floating Action caught my attention, mostly because of overwhelming praise from My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James.  Upon listening to 2012’s Fake Blood for the first time, I knew that praise was completely justified.  They have a sound like a futuristic Dr. Dog, or maybe a barebones My Morning Jacket, it’s wholly Floating Action though.  Seth Kauffman is 100% the creative force for Floating Action, writing all of the music and lyrics as well as recording most if it.  This week, they released their latest LP, Body Questions

Body Questions could have been the catalyst for a huge change in sound, Kauffman has worked with Jim James and other wizards of modern music technology. Thankfully from the first track, “Taking Me A Little While” it is obvious the lower-fi, intimate feel that drew listeners to the older Floating Action records has returned.  Of course there’s a maturing of the sound, and that’s expected for a songwriter that’s been recording for over ten years.  It builds upon the foundation of indie, rock, and R&B that the previous records were built upon themselves.  Things like conga-style drums in “Earth-Shackles” and ‘Ohh-la-la-las’ in “Hide Away Too Long” show just some of the influence those styles have on Kauffman.

As a whole package, Floating Action’s music is definitely different, but it may be something that’s ahead of its time.  Body Questions is a great album from one of the most underappreciated songwriters out there today.  Check out some of Floating Action’s music below, and order the album from their website.




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