As today is the one-year anniversary of Mundo Musique, I thought I would take the time to check in with a couple of young artists that were focused in this space. Both have new singles out that are worth checking out.


Rachel Thomasin, “Amber Light” and “Métamorphe”

I first wrote about Boston’s Rachel Thomasin in February of this year, noting that her music is ethereal and atmospheric. And in that time, she has become a personal favourite of mine, and I regretfully left her off of our list last week.

Speaking of last week, she released a new single that merges electronic and ambient textures. But unlike the soothing, dreamy qualities of her debut LP, R. Thomasin, “Amber Light’ is grittier and a touch heavier yet still gripping. If this is the new direction that Thomasin will head towards on her next album, I’ll be keenly awaiting to hear it.

Three weeks ago, though, she released “Métamorphe”, which is more along the lines of the soothing, atmospheric music of her previous efforts. This track crosses between How to Dress Well, Mozart’s Sister, and Bats for Lashes, and it’s a terrific number. Both tracks are below. Watch her carefully because one day her star will suddenly explode.

Website –
Facebook – R. Thomasin
Twitter – @rthomasin

Chris Ayler, “LaserLightShow”

Chris Ayler was one of our favourite “discoveries” and his latest singles shows why. On “LaserLightShow”,  he has once again displays his incredible ear for tones and noises. This track is sensory overload – from the multiple sounds that are on the track to the music making you feel like you’re in a tight enclosure and surrounded by lasers. You can download the track for free on his Soundcloud page.

Ayler’s talent, though, is far reaching. He makes great dubstep and house beats and calmer, trippy music. As a bonus, “#6” is included as an example of Ayler’s ability to create music that is captivating. You can check out some of his music on his Soundcloud page.

Twitter – @realayler
Soundcloud – Chris Ayler

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