Tucson, Arizona based Singer-songwriter Brian Lopez made some waves with his debut LP Ultra. He’ll be back for his follow-up Static Noise which will be out September 23.  Ultra was a great album, that many people, including Lopez pegged as “eclectic” but Lopez has decidedly attempted to make Static Noise a more focused effort, and from what I’ve heard so far it really pays off.

I heard a preview of four tracks, “Glass House”, “Crossfire Cries”, “I Don’t”, and “Persephone”.  “Glass House” is a pretty awesome track, Brian Lopez’ voice is smoky, and dreamy, and the song has a bit of a Spanish type vibe to it.  “Crossfire Cries” is a great pop-rocker, it rocks, and has a bitchin solo. “I Don’t” is an upbeat track that’s incredibly catchy. “Persephone” is a beautiful sounding Americana-influenced track, with acoustic guitar and piano.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record later this month, and you should check out “Glass House” and “Persephone” below!




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