There are a lot of great acts in the smallish town of Trois Rivières, Quebec. As I was hunting for some acts to feature, I stumbled upon Sivell, who have a brand new EP out this week. Based in the folk tradition, this EP has a soft side and a pretty great blues side. Check out the amazing licks on I Hear Nothing, for example.

The EP is all in English, which surprised me a bit, but the 5 songs are all very unique and show Sivell’s diverse musical interests. They list everyone from Bob Marley to Rage Against The Machine to Gogol Bordello as influences, so the EP can be a mixed bag in some respects. Still, if this is a young band still looking for “their sound,” I might advise them to stop the search and just stick with what they’re doing. This 5-track EP has five very different songs, each with its own mood and vibe.

My favourite track is probably You Are a Real Mystery, which has some psychedelic influences (think The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, or Oasis).

Fans of folk, rock, and blues should check these guys out.



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