Dawn Larsh and Armando Vega are The Tallest Tree, a husband-wife duo from Dundas, Ontario. Their story on how the band was formed is great, and I’ll let them describe how it all came about because I wouldn’t do it any justice.

We met a couple years ago when Armando’s band, The Oats, was playing in Canada.
And that’s when Armando fell in love with Dawn.
Every time Dawn came to visit Mexico City, we would write a new song.
Now Dawn and Armando are married.
Hope you enjoy the new song.

The formation of The Tallest Tree just further proves the point that music is indeed one of the few things on this planet that will unite people. And despite coming from different cultures and countries, the chemistry between Larsh and Vega is undeniable on the two tracks they have recently released. The first single, “Boat”, was featured in July on Exclaim!, NME, and Indie Shuffle. It’s a fun, indie folk-pop tune with an infectious chorus. The latest track, which was released last month, is “I’ll Be Your (For You)”. It’s a stunning, rousing tune with Larsh’s whispery voice complemented by the buzzing, catchy melodies.

Both tracks are available for free download on Soundcloud, and you hear the tracks below. Can’t wait to hear what the duo will come out next.


Website – http://www.thetallesttree.ca/
Facebook – The Tallest Tree Band
Twitter – @thetallesttree0

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