Before Tuesday, Toronto Punk Rockers Death From Above 1979 hadn’t released an album in 10 years.  They finally released their follow-up to their breakthrough debut album You’re a Woman, I’m A Machine on Tuesday, called The Physical World.  The band which consists of Jesse F. Keeler on multiple instruments and Sebastien Granger on drums and vocals broke up in 2006, citing creative differences, but they reunited in 2011 and played a few shows since then, which is where a lot of the new songs on The Physical World grew from.

Upon first listen, The Physical World sounds a lot like You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine, which is not completely a bad thing.  The biggest offender on The Physical World “Nothin’ Left” which sounds a lot exactly like “Little Girl” from You’re A Woman. But that’s also not a complaint, that distinctive roar and raw feel of the first album is what drew me to them in the first place in 2004.  There’s great frenetic drumming in “Government Trash”, one of the singles from The Physical World, and tons of killer riffs like “Right On, Frankenstein!” and “Crystal Ball”

The Physical World is worth checking out if you dug their first record, don’t expect any changes to the sound. Death From Above 1979 hit on something special with their debut, they stuck to the formula and released a fitting follow up. Ten years was a long time to wait for a record like this, but they nailed the feelings that drew us to their sound in the first place.

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