Our buddy Kevin is gallivanting around Scotland this week, and it’s just pure coincidence that I’m kicking the week off with a young band from Glasgow. Life Model is a five-piece band that makes shoegaze, dream pop that is sublime and even bordering on erotic. The have yet to produce an EP or LP, but instead of released several singles.

Their cover of Toronto band Electric Youth’s “Best Thing” is chilling and atmospheric. Their recent single, “Decompress”, which was released last Wednesday, is a terrific shoegazey pop tune. “Come Around” radiates with the orchestral pop sounds of Seattle’s Ephrata, who are a personal favourite, and the track is just stunning as frontwoman Sophie Evans’ whispery voice creates a familiar intimacy. “East Coast” shares similarities to UK band The History of Apple Pie with its buzzing guitars and rousing vocals.

The first few singles from the Scottish band offer hints of their immense potential. While it’s too early to judge their trajectory, I am excited to follow their progression and whether they follow the paths of CHVRCHES or HAIM or possibly more towards The History of Apple Pie and The Belle Game.

Life Model comprises of Sophie Evans, Chris Smith, Stuart Warnock, Joanne McCafferty, and Michael McDonald. Check their Bandcamp site below to purchase the singles.

Bandcamp – http://visceralityrecords.bandcamp.com/
Facebook – Life Model
Twitter – @LifeModelMusic

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