I’m a longtime fan of Shannon Rose (and the Thorns). In fact, when we first launched she was our first featured artist in our (low-budget, low-fi) video series. One of Ottawa’s premiere songwriters, she has opted to take on a new name for her new record (launching October 4 2014). I’m always curious when an established artist takes a risk like a name change, so I asked her what the deal was with Gold & Marrow.

The Revue: How has the music changed, and how has that influenced your decision to change the “brand”?

Shannon: The new album is more experimental than our last – I’m trusting my instincts in my writing and we’re doing the same in production. I feel like we’re starting to carve out a sound of our own and I wanted a name that reflected what we’re doing now. The name Gold and Marrow just seemed to fit.

The marrow represents the essentialness of writing and singing for me, and the gold represents the more polished end result after we spend hours working in the studio and rehearsing. I like the contrast in the name too. I feel like there’s a lot of contrast in our new songs.

The Revue: Is this more of a “band” now than before, is the writing more collaborative than before?

Shannon: I still write the songs, but when you’re recording or performing with a band there’s a lot of collaboration with everyone in the studio and on stage with you. And Steve Matylewicz has been on guitar at every show with me from the start, and produces our albums. We’re partners.

After I chose the name I learned that the word marrow also once referred to a companion or workmate, which I thought was extra perfect!

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