Like many, I had never heard of the New York based indie rock band Porches until Sylvan Esso decided to cover them on Sirius Radio’s XMU Sessions, an in studio program where currently relevant bands play strip down versions of their latest material.  A staple of the show is for the artist to sing one cover song, typically picking a classic easily recognizable tune.  Sylvan Esso decided to veer from the norm and instead picked a young band that they were currently personally fired up about.  That band was Porches, an indie rock and folk hybrid band that judging based on media presence welcomed the attention.   The song covered was “The Cosmos” which Sylvan Esso’s did a fantastic job making there own.

As soon as I got out of the car I found Porches and their latest album Slow Dance in the Cosmos on my streaming service of choice.  The album is fantastic in a really rough kind of way.  The imperfections of the singing, the odd chords, and melancholy tone actually add to the album instead of detract.  The title track “Headgiving” feels like a 90s indie rock song, a song that would pair well with a playlist that included Neutral Milk Hotel or Built to Spill.  A little bit twangy, singing a little off pitch, but full of energy.  The true stand out is the closing track “The Cosmos”.  You can easily see how this song became an ear worm for Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath and led to her decision to cover it on a live radio performance.  For a dark album moody album “Cosmos” is probably the most uplifting song.  Of course it is uplifting in the same vain that the Antlers last album was uplifting.  There is hope on the horizon, the darkness might be starting to dissipate and “we all live in the cosmos”.

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