Last week, dance pop duo The Juan MacLean released their fourth album In A Dream.  Their style of house and techno is really infectious and hard not to groove to.  In ADream features singer Nancy Whang absolutely killing it from her first lines in the chorus in “A Place Called Space” and John Malean doing some incredible stuff as well.

Whang’s voice is pretty much the focal point for most of the record, and even when she’s just singing “doo doo doo” at the end of “Love Stops Here” she’s front and center.  “Running Back To You” is an absolute killer groove of a track. It’s one of the longer tracks on the record, and it’s probably my favorite, the way the synth and bass hook up with Whang’s voice is just perfect, and the chorus is ridiculously catchy, good luck getting this one out of your head. “I’ve Waited For So Long” picks up the pace with a real techno synth part. “Charlotte” is one of the John MacLean led tracks and it’s another great track with some really cool guitar parts as well as real lush synth sounds. Nancy Whang’s voice is stunning on “A Simple Design”, the penultimate track of the record.  In A Dream ends with its longest track, “The Sun Will Never Set On Our Love” which is a really hypnotic track.

In A Dream is a fitting title for this album, it really is quite dreamlike.  If you like stuff like LCD Soundsystem you’ll probably dig The Juan MacLean, and both are on DFA Records. Check out “A Simple Design” and “A Place Called Space” below, and as a special bonus, The Juan MacLean’s remix of Sharon Van Etten’s “Our Love”.


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