Oh, Sarnia. I grew up there and have been waiting to feature this fine city on #49Above. It’s a beautiful place with loads of sandy beaches, outdoor activities and good folks. It can be a challenge to be “stuck” there when you’re a teenager, as other cities aren’t exactly quick to get to. Toronto is 3 hours away, Detroit is about 2 hours away, so sometimes it’s best to stick close to home and do whatever crazy stuff you need to do.

These young women are Erika and Sara (Erika Sit & Sara Campbell) and are technically from Petrolia (even smaller than Sarnia, but close enough for non-locals to ignore the difference). They have strong vocals and some powerful songs. They’ve been playing many gigs around Southwestern Ontario, and have even played with the one-and-only Chris Hadfield (say what?!) during his recent forays into musical performance. With one album under their belts, they have expanded to be a “band” and now include two dudes to fill out the sound and give the audience a full-band experience.

Check these couple of tracks. Chasing the Rain, in particular, has a lovely melody, and shows just how good a “demo” recording can be.

You can see more at their website. In my view, if you like Emm Gryner (a friend of theirs), Cheryl Crow, Joel Plaskett, etc…you’ll like this.

And a big thanks to Cheeky Monkey (Sarnia’s indie record shop!) for the recommendation.


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