One of the most interesting records you’ll hear all year is  Slant of Light from the Philadelphia duo of Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeigler.  Lattimore is a harpist who has played with Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile, Jarvis Cocker, and Sharon Van Etten. Zeigler is a multi-instrumentalist who’s performed with The War On Drugs, and A Sunny Day in Glasgow.  Slant Of Light is at times gorgeous, other times unnerving, it’s truly a stunning record. Slant of Light is completely void of vocals, and features Lattimore on Harp and Zeigler on synthesizer and guitar. The first three tracks are phenomenal and ambient. The final track, “Tomorrow Is A Million Years” is twelve minutes of noise that seems fitting for someone who has played with Thurston Moore. I have to say Slant of Light is a really cool record, and though it’s only four tracks, it’s easy to get lost inside its intricate melodies and hypnotic composition. Check it out!

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