Early in 2013, The History of Apple Pie released their debut album, Out of View, a collection of songs that saw the London, UK band dabble in indie pop to indie rock. Out of View was essentially a nod to the American pop and rock music of the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s that they grew up listening to (hence the name of the band), and, overall, it was a terrific first album with some sublime tracks, such as “Tug”, “You’re So Cool”, and “I Want More”.

On their sophomore album, Feel Something, the English quintet have produced a tighter, more focused record, which leans more towards indie rock than the indie-pop of their freshman effort. The drums and bass are crisper, clearer, and cleaner on the album, lending to a slightly more edgier, but still an extremely fun sound. The other noticeable difference is the addition of keys, which add an important layer of texture to the songs and gives some of the tracks an ’80s vibe.

The one track where it all comes together is “Tame”, the lead single from the new album and a buzzing number that builds and builds over the course of its 3 1/2 minutes. “Jamais Vu”, likewise, teems with stammering guitars and a sound echoing Veruca Salt, while opening track, “Come Undone”, flails with double guitars.

“Special Girl” appears disjointed at times with the various instruments competing one another, yet it all works. In listening to the song, there are undertones of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sour Girl” in the melody. “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine”, a track the band released about a year ago and gave hints of their new leanings, is a Tasmanian devil type of track that whirls and spirals in many directions, but again it all works together thanks to the band’s knack for producing catchy hooks and melodies.

At the core of The History of Apple Pie‘s second record, though, is the belief that indie rock music should be fun, uplifting, and catchy. It doesn’t have to be deep, dark, or brooding, but that an album can make people feel good. Feel Something definitely achieves this. And while it isn’t reinventing indie rock, the London-based band have given us something important to remember – that we’re all suppose to have a good time while spinning a record.

The History of Apple Pie consist of Stephanie Min (lead vocals), Jerome Watson (guitar), James Thomas (drums), Aslam Ghauri (guitar), and Joanna Curwood (bass).

Feel Something is out now on Marshall Teller Records, and it can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Marshall Teller Records Store.

Website – http://www.thehistoryofapplepie.co.uk/
Facebook – The History of Apple Pie
Twitter – @thoapband
Soundcloud – THOAP Music

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