Washington DC’s Mary Timony is synonymous with fun punk rock, having been part of Helium and Wild Flag.  Her newest project, Ex Hex is, not surprisingly, a blast to listen to and their debut Rips does exactly that, it rips!

The opening track “Don’t Wanna Lose” is driven by Laura Harris of The Aquarium’s drumming as much as Timony’s power-chord fury.  “Beast” is textbook punk rock, an almost bluesy feel to it, just sped up a lot, and a killer solo to tie it all together. It’s hard not to smile when listening to Rips. “You Fell Apart” has some sing-along “woah oh-oh”s, and “How You Got That Girl” has some fun clapping to go with its catchy, almost-Bryan Adams vibe to it. The lead single we wrote about months ago, “Hot and Cold”, is just as catchy as when we first heard it.  “War Paint” is another stand out track on Rips. I’s where bassist Betsy Wright gets her time in the spotlight with an awesome bass line while Timony rips one hell of a guitar solo over it.

Ex Hex are out there having a lot of fun and Rips is the result of that. It’s a record you may find yourself singing along to.  Be sure to check out some of the tracks below, and pick up Rips on Tuesday, October 7th!





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