Today is my day of posting fun music, the new Weezer record, and now the awesome single “Pop It” from Anamanaguchi.  I’ve loved Anamanaguchi for quite a long time, I have a soft spot for chiptune music. I grew up playing Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, and some of my favorite music is from some of those video games. If you’re not familiar, Anamanaguchi plays incredibly catchy dance music with hacked old video game consoles along with real guitar, drums, and synthesizers.  “Pop It”, their latest single, officially released a little over a week ago may be their catchiest yet.  Most of Anamanaguchi’s music has been instrumental to this point, so it’s really cool to have some lyrics to get stuck in your head along with the melody. There are also a bunch of remixes of it available, each adding a subtle, yet different touch to the song.  Check it out and be ready to get your 90’s NES nostalgia on!

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