I Am Harlequin is an artist I definitely have on my radar. She is originally from Germany but is now based in London. In 2012 she released “Wild One” which gained a lot of recognition. She has such a lovely and unique voice with some great songwriting, too. I was excited when “Wild One” was released and was hoping to hear more from IAH. It is now two years later since “Wild One” was released and I’m sharing her new track “I Was In Love”. This new track for me shows an evolution and growth in her lyrics, sound and level of talent. I am really digging this new track and excited to see what she brings with her upcoming album.

I Am Harlequin is Anne Freier and up until now she has done everything own her own including producing. This time around she has the help of BMG producer Domzilla on the new single “I Was In Love”. I was able to catch up with her, ask a few questions and hopefully help her gain a few more fans.

I really love the difference between “Wild One” and “I Was In Love”. Are you moving towards more of an electronic background to your amazing vocals, or did working with a producer change the creative direction a bit?Β 

Thank you Wendy. To me it’s both pop music. “Wild One” is a very simple song, with a simple arrangement whereas “I Was in Love” is much denser. The songs that will follow are influenced by the artists I grew up with – Michael Jackson, Kate Bush, Whitney Houston, Rickie Lee Jones… I was born in East Germany and because of the sudden flush of Western media with the fall of the wall, I became exposed to much of the widely available commercial music. Classical music was always played in our household. But it was only when I moved to London that I discovered an underground music scene. “I Was in Love” combines the best of both experiences. The electronic edge is the modern me so to speak. I loved working with other people on this, particularly Domzilla. He just knew what I wanted and pulled it off. I used to produce everything by myself, too proud to realise that getting an outside perspective is a wonderful thing. I wanted to be a woman in a role otherwise dominated by men (production), but the truth is I wasn’t good enough at mixing then. I dare say, I’ve become better over the years. But now I know that collaboration can bring out the best in your work. The ideas of someone else may surprise you.

What can other IAH fans expect with the upcoming tracks/album/songs?Β 

I’m already getting excited about the next single after “I Was in Love”. I won’t say too much, but I think the influencers mentioned above will be even more apparent.

Is there a certain genre that has influenced you the most..between the two tracks I hear a lot of crossover, even some of a classical influence as well. For me, I really like that it’s different and doesn’t sound like everything else out there currently.

Thank you for the kind words. I’ve explored a lot in music. I’ve scored small orchestra for musicals, written film music, done avantgarde, wrote pop for others, produced electronic music – I love music. Period. I love many genres and styles. And I will always spread myself far, but IAH is like the quintessential me – it’s music that tells you something about me and my past. It’s exactly what I want to do, want to sound like, and who I want to be.

Is there any particular story behind being I Am Harlequin?Β 

Harlequins are performers, musicians and that spoke to me. They also dress dramatically. I do fashion on the side and wanted to combine my sewing skills with the music. Now, I make all my stage wear. There’ll be some little surprises for my fans along the way on that end too.

Besides new songs and an album soon – what else is in store for IAH n the coming year? Will you be touring anytime soon?

There’ll be lots of releases and definitely a little tour in the UK. I’m also planning to play in Germany. I think the country has a wonderful live music scene that I need to explore. And who knows what will happen thereafter…

I noticed your FB page said London and NYC, have you been over to the US recently or done any American touring – of course I would love to see you live over here someday.

Does it? I live in London, but I adore NYC and many other cities in the US. I’ve been on holiday in the States a few times, but I haven’t toured there yet. Hopefully that will change soon πŸ˜‰ For a long time, I wanted to move to NYC. I even won a Greencard in the lottery, but I never moved and I’m glad I didn’t. Relocation would have meant starting from scratch, again. I’ve done that once. I’ll be happy to do it again, but not right now.

If you could go on a dream tour or festival – who would be there, or who would you be touring with? (can be past or present bands)

I would love to perform all my songs with a live symphony orchestra. I hope I’ll get to do this some day. It would be a dream come true. Right now, I’d love to go on tour supporting other great artists, perhaps Haim, Solange, Kate Bush or Tori Amos. If there was a secret dead people’s society, (like in “Death Becomes Her”), I’d go and stalk Michael until he’d give in and record a song with me.

“I Was In Love” is public on soundcloud today and will be available for purchase on iTunes and all other digital outlets November 3, 2014.Β 


Website:Β http://iah.rocks

Facebook: I Am Harlequin

Twitter: @iamharlequin

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