There are roughly two dozen albums coming out next week (not including the myriad of really small indie bands who might be releasing new music), including from some noteworthy legends to up-and-coming bands. Among them:

  • The great Aretha Franklin will release on Tuesday her first album in 11 years. Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics is just that – a record that covers ten classic tracks from other great “divas”. CBC Music and Amazon are streaming the album.
  • Neil Diamond’s Melody Road is streaming on NPR. We probably won’t need the disco ball, but we might want to warm up the vocal chords as we sing along to new hits from the music legend.
  • Where will Thurston Moore take us on The Best Day? Hear the new album on NPR to find out.
  • Canadian indie favourites Hey Rosetta! will release Second Sight, which is apt description of the new, more expansive sound by the Newfoundland band. CBC Music is streaming the album this weekend.
  • Another Canadian favourite, Suzie Ungerleider – a.k.a. Oh Susanna – has recorded 14 tracks that were written by some of her closest songwriting friends, including Jim Bryson, Joel Plaskett, Royal Wood, Luke Doucet, Jim Cuddy, and Ron Sexsmith. Stream Namedropper on CBC Music.
  • UK soul and R&B singer Jessie Ware was one of the breakout stars in 2012. She returns with Tough Love, which is streaming on NPR (but only available to US audiences).
  • Punk rockers Nude Beach‘s new album, 77, is playing at Pitchfork Advance. It’s an album that might help you shake the doldrums of autumn.

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