Astronauts is a solo project from UK artist Dan Carney, previously of East London alt-folkers Dark Captain. I first heard the single ‘Skydive’ and knew that Dan was onto something. The Skydive single from the Hollow Ponds LP garnered numerous views on soundcloud and also with the video on youtube.  There are some notable remixes of the track as well, most recently posted by Broke For Free. After hearing Hollow Ponds, I caught up with Dan and was able to ask a few questions. If you like a pretty awesome mix of psych-folk, and some lovely electronic additions – you will probably be a fan of Astronauts. 

Since the Hollow Ponds release, there is an upcoming EP titled Four Songs which is comprised of material which didn’t quite fit on Hollow Ponds. The track ‘Only Son’  hints to Dan’s struggles from a very bad leg fracture he endured last year and that event was also the basis for much of his material on Hollow Ponds. The upcoming Four Songs EP will be released on November 3 of this year. A second Astronauts album will be out sometime in 2015. I do believe based on the material I’ve heard so far – Astronauts will be worth keeping your eye on.

Skydive is probably one of my favorite tracks – very chill and laid back sound for me. Did you have a particular goal you wanted to achieve for the listener? 

Thank you! I guess it is pretty laid-back compared to other things, but there is a darkness/claustrophobia to it too I think. There’s never really a goal in mind when I’m doing this stuff, I just like to follow my nose and do whatever feels right.

Besides the release of the album this year, what else is on the agenda for Astronauts?

Pretty simple – make another album! I’m already deep into that process – I’ve got fifteen songs I’m currently working on. I’m not going to rush it,  but I hope to have something finished by the end of the year.

I seem to have a thing for UK bands lately… do you ever have plans to make it over to the US? If you ever make it over to SXSW, I will definitely come and see you  🙂 

Thanks! At the moment, Astronauts isn’t a gigging thing, but I’ve had a couple of fun-sounding offers over the last few weeks, so that may change. In general, though, I’m not really a big fan any more of having to rely too much on other people. Although that makes me sound much grumpier than I am – the older I get, the more I just like to get things done and achieve the results I want. Maybe something low-key and not involving too many people can happen – I’d love to come to SXSW. My old band got booked to do it, but we couldn’t afford to fly everyone out there.

If you had a dream tour you could go on – who would be there (can be past or present bands)

Just me and mid-70s Curtis Mayfield, travelling the world and seeing the sights.

I am posting my favorite track from the Hollow Ponds LP which is ‘Skydive’. From the upcoming Four Songs EP, I chose ‘Think On’ which is a tribute to Elliot Smith and a lovely track. 


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