There are plenty of musicians who could be considered as “known artists who are unknown” – or maybe underappreciated is a better adjective. They may be musicians whose songs that you have heard throughout the years but can’t remember who sang them or artists that you had followed by lost track over time. They could be musicians who you heard about when they were starting out at very young ages but only to disappear from the mainstream spotlight, but then you suddenly remember who they are. Kim Koren is one of these “known but unknown/underappreciated artists”.

Born and raised in Dundas, Ontario and now residing in Hamilton, Ontario, Kim has been involved with the Canadian music scene for nearly 20 years. She’s particularly revered in the southern Ontario area and has established a strong following across Ontario and other parts of Canada. In describing her music, it’s a mélange of the alt-country style of Lucinda Williams and Marta Wainright, the country sounds of Bonnie Raitt, and the melodic folk of Beth Orton. Not surprisingly, her strength lies in her songwriting, as she’s able to tell elaborate stories about complex and even the most mundane things. She has been nominated for various music awards on several occasions, further demonstrating her masterful craft of music, illustration, and sound.

People in some parts of Ontario and Quebec will have the fortune of seeing Kim perform live this week, as she will be commencing a short tour. She’ll be joined by her husband Frank, who, too, is well-known in the music industry having played in a number of bands and for his support to singer-songwriter Marta Pacek. Tonight, she’ll be in Peterborough, Ontario before playing a handful of shows in the Ottawa and Wakefield area. Check tour dates below.

Website –
Facebook – Kim Koren
Twitter – @KimKoren
Soundcloud – Kim Koren Music


Wednesday, Oct. 22 – The Garnet in Peterborough, ON
Thursday, Oct. 23 – House Concert in Ottawa, ON (send a message to Kim on Facebook or Twitter for details)
Friday, Oct. 24 – Kaffé 1870 in Wakefield, QC
Saturday, Oct. 25 – Quinn’s in Ottawa, ON with John Allaire (3pm)
Saturday, Oct, 25 – The Branch in Kemptville, ON (8PM)



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