Ought 2Earlier this year, Montreal-based Ought released one of the best and mind-blowing debut LPs of 2014 with More Than Any Other Day. Less than six months later, the quartet of ex-pats (from Australia and the US) who met at McGill University have released another album, a four-track EP titled Once More with Feeling. Like Other Day and 2012’s New Calm, the songs are founded on the struggles of students, in particular the events surrounding the student protests in Quebec over rising tuition costs and the government’s aggressive response. However, the EP also questions young people’s inactivity, apathy, and motives, where some may get involved without fully understanding the purpose of a movement.

The album opens with “Pill”, which is a slight deviation from their debut album. It is a mellower, moodier tune that has a ’60s vibe to it akin to what Foxygen have produced on their albums, and creates that laissez-faire type feeling that is prevalent among many youth. “New Calm Pt. 2” and “Waiting”, though, build on the explosiveness of Other Day and the sound of another Montreal-based band SUUNS. They are euphoric blasts of experimental punk-rock and meant to highlight the anger, angst, and emotion of younger generations. “New Calm Pt. 3”, meanwhile, takes another approach – a low-key, elongated track that bursts at times with distortion and noise to create a chaotic and confusing environment but without fully blowing up. In some ways, it’s like the calm before the fury.

Once More with Feeling further demonstrates why Ought are a band to get extremely excited about for years to come. The messages are meaningful and an indictment of today’s society. The music is challenging yet stirring, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Order Once More with Feeling on Constellation Records, iTunes, and Amazon. Below is “Pill” for you to check out.

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