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Mundo Musique: The Foreign Resort


Denmark’s The Foreign Resort create some epic, dark, and frenetic music.  Their latest record, New Frontiers was released Tuesday in North America.  New Frontiers is nine post-punk tracks with a huge weight to them, the songs are epic, and full of energy.  The first track, “Dead End Roads” has a bit of an electronic feeling to it, recalling 80’s new wave & industrial. Then there’s tracks like “Alone”, “Dead Leaves”, and “Landslide” which fit in with bands like Interpol or Editors.  Tracks like “Breaking Apart”, “Flushed”, and “New Frontiers” are absolutely epic, intense sounding with huge sounding drums, incredible, almost overpowering guitars.  Check out The Foreign Resort if you dig stuff like Nine Inch Nails, Interpol, Editors, or Placebo.

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