It’s Halloween, so what better way to celebrate our Mundo list, than to share a few songs and videos that really creep us out. Some are definitely dark and weird, and some are just plain weird or creepy and that might not have been the intention. We hope everyone has a safe night of trick or treating. If you need some creepy music for a playlist tonight, you might be able to use a few listed here. As always, in Alphabetical order by artist.


This is a great ode to vampires song from 1990 by Concrete Blonde.  The song has been used in a few vampire related movies and the video is a bit creepy and stock full of vampires, scorpions, snakes and even maggots.



Before zombies became trendy, The Cranberries were singing about them 20 years ago. It’s a song that has stood the test of time (just like a zombie) and lyrically it even speaks about how people are completely demented at times. The video, too, is classic with Delores O’Riordan dressed up like a mummified Cleopatra. Now that’s a heck of costume.


The Dead Strange are a fairly new band from the UK but this video is definitely creepy. The song is a little dark and the animation is really cool for a complete independent band. There is a character stumbling through a cemetery and scenes of clockwork orange type brain washing, possibly done by the Illuminati.


Arguably the best song to come out of the ’80s and the song that shot Michael Jackson to stardom with its, at the time, inventive approach of pop and R&B and featuring the ghastly voice of Vincent Price as an interlude in the middle of the song. The video, though, was something out of Dracula and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was brilliant, it was a little creepy, and it was creative – perfect for Halloween. And putting the video over the top is the conniving, Cheshire Cat-like smile on Jackson’s face.


Of course we have to include this track from legendary Misfits. This song also doesn’t have an official video since it was released in 1981 but with lyrics like “Burning bodies hanging from poles”, it definitely fits into the creepiness category.



The song isn’t all that creepy. It’s actually a pretty pleasant song. A little cheesy, but nice enough. The video, though, is CREEPY! What the heck is Lionel Richie doing stalking a blind woman? Who thought it was a good idea to have Richie creeping around bookshelves and standing in her apartment without her knowledge? If the lady could see, would she say “Hello”, scream, or attack him? We know what we would do.


Ever since this controversial video came out in 1994, it keeps on creeping us out 20 years later. With images of a monkey on a cross, dead animals and Trent Reznor levitating, it definitely delivered some shocking images for its time. This video is age restricted and NSFW.


Gary Numan is best known for the late 70’s early 80’s hit “Cars” but he also has a much darker side. The 2013 album release of Splinter includes the track “I Am Dust”. The video is pretty creepy and this song would fit will with a dark Halloween themed playlist.


Although not creepy, we definitely have to pay homage to this famous theme song from the movie Ghostbusters. Ray Parker, Jr sang the infamous theme song and released the video in 1984. The creepiest part of this video is the overload of neon and bad 80’s hair.


It was one of the best riff-bassline combinations in the history of music. It’s even considered iconic and classic by many. We like the tune, but at the same time, let’s be honest, it’s creepy. Whereas Lionel Richie created a stalker video, Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland wrote a song about stalking. Just check out the lyrics:

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every breath you take, every move you make
I’ll be watching you

We wonder if Sting wrote the lyrics just for Andy Summers and if the bassist sung the song to the guitarist.


This song isn’t really creepy as it’s a love song of sorts, but the video includes the ghost of Meatloaf’s love interest,  a masquerade ball and well – Meatloaf. This song was made most famous by Celine Dion in 2003. The song was originally written by Jim Steinman who worked directly with Meatloaf in the 80’s.  Meatloaf released this version as a duet with Marion Raven in 2006 of the album Bat out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose. 


Ministry does a proper ode to Halloween track.  This is another one that does not have an official video but this is a pretty cool fan video with multiple scary movies to go with this track. Another great track to add to your Halloween playlist.


This song doesn’t have an official video to go with it since it came out in the 70’s, but the song in itself is creepy – the title alone speaks for itself. The preliminary lyric sheet of this song started off as as semi-narrative of the killer actually committing murders before being written into it’s final version.

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