Beautiful Boy has beautifully captured the essence of perfectly composed pop/rock that you want to keep going back to. They only have a few available tracks and each one of them continues to prove the depth and range of this up and coming band. Beautiful Boy have already gotten some great recognition for their live shows and the ability to sing some really great acoustic tracks like ‘Home‘ which was recently recorded for Ont Sofa.

Beautiful Boy is comprised of singer Dane Etteridge, Simon Goldring (Drums), Tommy Taylor (Bass), Joseph Heaselgrave (Guitar), and Tom Beck (Organ/Keys).

I was able to catch up with them (aka Dane) and see how they have been doing. I am very excited to post their newly released video for ‘Bodies‘.The single will be available on November 10th.

How have you guys been doing? The last few months you have played for Sofar Sounds, at the SouthSea Festival, and have recorded a bunch of great sessions for the likes of Ont Sofa, Daytrotter and Wonderland. Besides the release of ‘Bodies’ this month, what else is going on with BB?

Hi! Pretty good thank you, yeah we seemed to have done a few of those stripped back sessions recently, we find them pretty fun as there is absolutely nothing to hide behind, whereas live we’re such a loaded band that it would be much harder to pick out the minor mistakes that all bands make. Acoustic sessions are brutal, pin drop moments.. so the pressure is on. The Sofar session was particularly terrifying. Apart from that we are playing a series of shows over the next couple of months in the UK in support of ‘Bodies’, We’re going to be launching the video for it imminently, so people can actually hear it prior to release ha! Then, once all that is over we’re hoping to get straight back into the studio and record a track or 2 to complete the EP we hope to release early next year.

As a band, what has been your favorite part of this past year?

Our favourite part of this year…The World cup…Obvs.

The latest t-shirts are pretty sweet, have you guys been intentional in hooking up with your favorite artists to help capture the creative vision of BB (I also love the art for Home/Love Me More)?

Yeah we think so too! Absolutely, we are all big fans of art and film, so it’s definitely something that is crucially important to us to incorporate into BB, I would hate to have us only represented by a generic band photo, being in a band gives you every opportunity to be creative with every single facet of it, I think it would be lazy not to take advantage of that. We recently teamed up with artist Jack Penny on the designs for the latest BB T’s as well as a new logo and banner designs in support of ‘Bodies’, He’s an old friend of mine that i grew up with and we all think he’s a great up and coming artist! So you should keep an eye on him ha. On ‘Home/Love Me More’ we worked with another great artist named Kerry Beale, who was a friend of a friend, equally as excellent but beautifully different.

What is your most important goal to achieve as a band in the next year?

I think I would like to get out of the UK and start playing live shows and sharing further a field, maybe Canada eh? We would also like to get as much of our music out there as possible, hopefully in the form of an album.

If you guys could go on one dream tour or festival – who would play along side you? (Can be past or present bands)

The Beatles – Hollywood bowl circa 1965. Would have been immense! Rubbish PA’s and no monitoring but the atmosphere would have been insane.

Here is the brand new video for ‘Bodies’, if you are into this song – follow them, like them and share! I am also listing their soundcloud as most of their available tracks are posted there. 


Facebook: Beautiful Boy

Twitter: @ItsBeautifulBoy

Soundcloud: Beautiful Boy

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