Coquin Migale came out with their debut EP last year which was a great starting point for this band.  If you are looking for a funny video this week – check out their home made “unofficial video” for last year’s release Forty Four. The video totally confirms my first original thought – that these lads would be super cool to hang out with. I checked my Soundcloud over the weekend and was happy to see a new single released by this emerging UK band. I enjoyed their Yellow Room EP last year but this new track ‘Gold’ is very promising and in my opinion shows their progression as a band. Alex Soper’s vocals are always spot on, but the entire sound of ‘Gold’ is bordering on perfection in terms of having all the elements needed for a great song. I am getting more of a shoegaze feel from this track, and to me that is a good thing.

Coquin Migale’s new release Feel will be out in December, but it can be pre-ordered on i-tunes at the end of November. I am very excited to hear Feel in it’s entirety and hoping I can get a Q&A together in time for it’s release.

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