lfghOne of the best New York bands of the last year, Low Fat Getting High just released a self-titled LP today.  The band consists of the duo of Michael Sincavage and Artie Tan, and the record features Kaleen Reading of Mannequin Pussy on drums. Low Fat Getting High have been ripping it up all over New York City for the past year with their loud and fast punk rock, and they were actually named by the Village Voice as the best NYC band of 2014.  And their self-titled LP is exactly what you’d expect from a band with this kind of hype.

From the first track you’ll know exactly what you’re in for, badass riffage and a lot of noise. The next track, “Start All Over Again” kicks in with some awesome sounding heavy bass and creates one of the most awesome tracks you’ll hear this year.  “Don’t Blame Me” is another great track, some absolutely insane drumming and guitar work throughout.  “Hate Them All” was the early single off the record and it’s just a pure rocker.  The closer, “The Car Is Waiting” is a perfect ending to the record, it’s a brooding, slower paced track.

Seriously, get on the Low Fat Getting High bandwagon, they’ve been kicking ass all over New York for quite some time, I’ve written about them a few times, and even dubbed them one of my favorite discoveries.  This LP is an example of exactly why, and it was hard to find anything on this record that “stands out” because everything from the vocals to bass to guitar to drums is top quality rock and roll. Go get this album from their bandcamp. Connect with them on social media below.

Website: http://www.lowfatgettinghigh.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LwFtGttngHgh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lowfatgettinghigh


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