Max Frost is from Austin and I’m super excited he has a new single out . Frost has a way of writing a song with serious content and turn it into a track you really want to move to. His most popular single last year was ‘White Lies‘,  and for a while I couldn’t keep it off repeat.   ‘White Lies’ is about a relationship full of infidelity and even though I knew that, I wanted to get up and dance anyway. This year we have the new track ‘Paranoia’ which is obviously about voices in your head and looking over your shoulder. Once again with ‘Paranoia’,  Frost elicits major vibes in his new single that make it hard pressed for you to sit still.

Regardless of the lyrical tone of some of his songs, Max Frost has a knack for making them infectious, upbeat and getting me in the mood to dance. It also doesn’t hurt listening to his smooth, soulful and bluesy voice. Did I mention he’s good looking, too?

Max Frost is in the process of recording a full length album and I’m sure we will be giving some feedback once it’s released.  If you want to check out the debut video which is pretty darn cool – it’s premiering over at Baeble.


Facebook: Max Frost

twitter: @maxfrost

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