Dead Seem Old  is a London  based indie/pop project created by songwriter/artist Thom Wicks.

The debut single ‘They Won’t Find Us’ was written in a hotel room while traveling to Indonesia and Wicks recorded the song in collaboration with drummer/producer Javier Weyler. The airy guitar and catchy but serious lyrics are extremely infectious. After hearing this one track, I am wanting more.

I don’t have a lot of info on Dead Seem Old right now except they are part of Lo Recordings which has Astronauts on their roster, so I pay attention to this label. ‘They Won’t Find Us’ is the debut single and the only track I can find. So far, I really like what I’m hearing and I’m looking forward to hearing what Dead Seem Old will be releasing in the future.

Facebook: Dead Seem Old

Soundcloud: Dead Seem Old

Twitter: @TrWicks

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