English singer-songwriter George Holman goes by the pseudonym Peacock Affect. He writes some really pretty and emotionally charged music. On January 15, he’ll officially release two new singles. One single, “The Heaven Smiles” is a beautiful track that features just Holman playing guitar, with occasional harmonies and a mostly clean guitar tone until the song reaches its stunning conclusion with quite a bit of noise.  It’s an incredibly well composed track that is bare and striking at the same time.  The other single, “Wallflower” is similarly beautiful, featuring Holman singing over guitar as well, while the sound of rainfall slowly encroaches as the song comes to an end.  These are two beautiful, emotional tracks. It’s hard not to feel a connection with Holman listening to these.





The single isn’t released until January, but these songs have been bouncing around the internet for a little while, you can stream the tracks below via SoundCloud:



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