Mon âme par toi guérie (One of a Kind) (France)

directed by François Dupeyron

Wednesday, November 19, 7pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

29th European Union Film Festival

Water, beer and Champagne: liquids of sustenance are ingested with an intensity that life fuels deserve. It’s such small nuances that make François Dupeyron’s engrossing One of a Kind a viewing gem not to be missed.


The story, of a good natured, trailer park (reluctant) healer, aching for love, could have spiralled into a soap opera mess, but in Dupeyron’s hands, becomes a wonderful vessel for mid-lifer Fredi to try and heal himself. Gregory Gadebois nails this complex character, who is flawed, jovial, and quite lost – in a word: human.


Filmed in sweeping long shots, often directly into the sun (a cinema no-no, which becomes a yes-yes), One of a Kind feels mighty real, which given the extraordinary plot set up, is quite an achievement. This one will be tough to top.



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