Zweisitzrakete (Two-Seater Rocket) (Austria)

directed by Hans Hofer

Thursday, November 20, 7pm,

395 Wellington, National Archives

29th European Union Film Festival

Put your Austrian preconceptions aside and enjoy a fluffy romcom that is usually the domain of hot-blooded western Europe.

This is the story of lifelong friends Manuel and Mia, who as adults, find themselves experiencing some new growing pains. In order to seal his ultimate deal, Manuel decides, instead of communicating his true affections through the excrutiating mode of verbal language, to win Mia’s heart by the simple act of stealing a rocket. What could go wrong?

Actually not much, but then this isn’t an espionage thriller. Two-Seater Rocket is a feelgood romp, revolving around a needy herd of lonely men who find solace in group stretching, group back-patting, and one crazy group heist.

Good fun.


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