We are pleased to present a special edition of Mundo Musique today, as we generally don’t post anything on Fridays except our weekly lists. However, today, we, along with several other blogs around the world, are helping to launch the new music video by avante-garde collective, Human Behavior.

Human Behavior is not your ordinary band. Formed in 2012, the band is a group of moving parts, ranging from one to thirteen members at any time, but always revolving around the songwriting and brilliant eccentricities of Andres Parada, who is the collective’s main songwriter. The band touches on themes of Catholic guilt, drug addiction, innocence lost, self-conflict, obsession, and many challenging topics. The band’s approach to music, similarly, is complex, focusing simultaneously on both audio and video to stimulate different emotions and reactions from the audience. Musically, their styles range from Americana to indie folk to freak folk. Visually, the band uses visual art, which is a common form of post-modern art (think of the projections you might see at the Guggenheim).

For their latest single, “Chapter 1”, the band enlisted the assistance of Zach Zdziebko, who has worked with VH1, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and many other shows and channels. The video, as expected, is a little oft-kilter but fascinating. Like with their previous videos, Human Behavior use vintage TVs to project themselves in the video. It’s a bit surreal to watch a video in high-definition but to see the artists performing on analog television.

“Chapter 1” is from the upcoming new album, Bethpage, which is the second installment of a trilogy of albums by Human Behavior. The first album, 2013’s Golgotha, was a deep, dark, introspective album. Another way to put it – imagine if Stanley Kubrick wrote music. Bethpage comes out on February 15, 2015, and it can be preordered now on Folktale Records (click here). The video for “Chapter 1” is below.

Website – http://www.humanbehaviormusic.com/
Facebook – Human Behavior
Twitter – @HBtheBand



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