Many parts of the northeast have been blanketed with snow this week and North Texas even ended up with some snowfall which hardly ever happens in November. As we sit inside and sip on any kind of warm drink that is pumpkin spiced flavored to stay warm, we thought we would post a few songs that take us back to warm summer days.

If anything, we can remind ourselves that we only have a few more months of cold weather to bolster through. As always, our list is in alphabetical order by artist. We had quite a few favorites so our original Mundo 5 has turned into a Mundo 10.


Beach Day were profiled a couple of times here, but their song, “BFF”, while it has nothing really to do with summer, has that summery sound. It’s a little dreamy, a little melodic, and just a song that you might find yourself swaying too. It also might make you recall that person you fell in love with at summer camp or at school or… whatever. Enjoy the track.


Cayucas came out with a great surf-y – garage rock album titled Bigfoot last year and this song is all about the beach town in California between San Jose and LA. With lyrics like “C’mon big fat wave Come crashing through” this has all of us non Californians wishing we too could go surfing all year round.


The band JAWS has shoegaze perfected. They are from the UK and this track is the perfect jam for being out in the sun. With lyrics like “Take me where the gold drips from the sun to my back” it’s hard not to think of being on a beautiful beach somewhere. Their debut album Be Slowly was released in September, and it’s really worth a listen.



The title of this song says it all. We are also having some swimming pool blues right about now. Miniature Tigers released their latest album Cruel Runnings back in June and this song is a great summery track. The video makes us want to go swimming, too.


Although this song is not new, it is the perfect chilled out summer track. The song is talking about late nights driving around the lake which is reminiscent of young summer love and not wanting to go home. If you are not familiar with Minus The Bear, this is a great introduction to them and this song is off of their very early material from 2002’s Highly Refined Pirates album.



Montreal indie band, Plants and Animals, have for nearly a decade produced some great indie pop-rock and jangle-pop songs. “Bye Bye” is actually an uplifting song that makes us think about those mornings when we wake up and see the sun shining brightly. And as the band sings in the chorus, “What’s going to happen to you / You have woke too soon”, we probably share these sentiments on many summer days.



“I was just floating in an inner tube, in the sun”. This song is off of Real Estate’s fantastic LP Days, and it brings up memories of carefree summer days. I feel like Days as a whole is a perfect late summer record, and this song is probably the most summer feeling track on it!


Originally recorded by Eddie Cochran, and covered by many, many different artists, “Summertime Blues” is one of the classic summertime tracks.  The Who’s version is chosen because, well, they’re arguably one of the greatest live bands of all time, and their live versions from 1969-1970 is so full of energy and features John Entwistle’s deep growling vocals.


Maybe this song is only about summer because it rhymes with “drummer”. However, this track off of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, much like the Real Estate track above, brings back memories of carefree summer days, seeing bands play in those warm weather days.


And while Misun should be in the middle of the list, this song just had to be at the end. It’s a fitting tribute to what was and what we want back. “I wish you a good goodbye. Goodbye sweet summer.” Oh, where did those dog days go?

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