Newcomer Flaviyake is an electro-pop singer and songwriter who is originally from Moldova and is currently residing in Los Angeles. She has a sound that mixes the brilliant eccentricity of Bjork, the catchy rhythms of Kimbra, and the ingenuity and ethereal qualities of Sigur Ros and Fifi Rong. Recently, Flaviyake – which is a combination of the artist’s Latin name “Flavia” and the ending of her favourite fashion designer, Issey Miyake – released a new single and video, “Barcode Puppets”. It’s a quirky but stunning and intelligent video that was directed by Anar Abbasov. You can see the video below.

Flaviyake’s tracks are also provided below, which are available for free streaming on Soundcloud. “Dream It All” and “Because I’m a Doll”, in particular, standout and exemplify the potential of this young artist.

You can also purchase some of her music on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

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Facebook – Flaviyake
Twitter – @Flaviyake



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