New York’s Natalie Mering, also known as Weyes Blood, released the absolutely incredible The Innocents on October 28thThe Innocents is a gorgeous record, it’s haunting, it’s eerie, and it’s beautiful.  The first track “Land of Broken Dreams” starts out with mandolin over some strange sound effects.  For the most part, the album has an ambient feel, but “Ashes”, “Hang On”, and “February Skies” have a more indie-rock feel.

“Some Winters” is the track that sold me on The Innocents. It starts out like a warped record, or maybe a messed up tape player, but it draws the listener in to the beautiful harmonies and piano. “Requiem for Forgiveness” is an incredible track featuring Mering singing over very minimal instrumentation, until the ending where two vocal parts float over each other and intertwine.

The Innocents is a record that you need to check out, it fits in with so many of our favorite records this year, Tiny Ruins, Angel Olsen, Johanna Samuels, among others. It’s eerie, gorgeous, and captivating.

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