I haven’t been too intrigued by a solo artist in quite a long while. I came across WOOF recently who is actually Kelan Bonislawski from NJ and he is making music on his own and posting songs on soundcloud. He has quite an extensive list of songs on his soundcloud and everything I have heard so far is really, really good.

The one comparison for me that is undeniable is Beck.  It’s not like he is trying too hard to be Beck, but he is most definitely influenced by him and brings new and different ideas to his own songs. WOOF has a plethora of genres, sounds and innovative mixing all rolled up nicely together in a catalog that is quite impressive for someone soley doing this on their own.

I am very excited to hear what comes from WOOF in the future and I hope he ends up getting a little more recognition. “I Got Away” is even a little Weezer-esque to me but then there are tracks like “2AM” and “My Device” that showcase  WOOF’s creativeness that definitely feels influenced by Beck.

I am hoping the thousands of plays he has gotten on a few songs already just continues to grow and I will definitely be keeping my eye on WOOF. I am posting a few of my favorite tracks. Keep up with Tree Machine Records, as there will be a vinyl release sometime next year from WOOF. 

Website: http://woofmusic.wix.com/woof

Facebook: WOOF

Twitter: @kelanroman

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