A-L-X is a Scottish singer/songwriter who resides in London and really is an artist to keep an eye on. With his latest release ‘Timebomb’ he mixes soulful vocals with catchy guitar riffs and mesmerizing beats.  The new video is directed by young British creative Kate Moross and premiered earlier this month. His previous tracks “Allure” and “Beautiful Criminal” have even gotten some recognition from Zane Lowe and Huw Stevens. He has also posted an amazing cover of Lana Del Rey’s West Coast which showcases his vocal talent. The soundcloud posting of “Timebomb” has already gotten over 60,000 plays and has only been posted for 12 days. I am positive we will be hearing more from A-L-X in the future.

If you dig artists like the Weeknd or Sam Smith,  A-L-X is definitely worth exploring as an artist. I actually wish I had a little more info in general about him,as he currently doesn’t even have a Facebook page.  Check out the new video for “Timebomb”.

YouTube: A-L-X

Soundcloud: A-L-X

Twitter: @ALXsounds

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