Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Phoebe Hunt teamed up with Connor Forsyth to release Walk With Me, which was released in August.  Hunt and Forsyth were part of Austin, TX folk and Americana band The Belleville Outfit. The Belleville Outfit were together from 2007 until early 2011. After the break up, Phoebe Hunt released a self-titled EP and a live record, Live at the Cactus Café, as well as toured as part of Ben Sollee’s band.

Walk With Me is a lovely pop-folk record.  It’s a fun and uplifting record, Hunt’s voice is fantastic, and her band, The Gatherers are phenomenal throughout.  The first track, “Darkness” is an upbeat track that’s poppy, swingin’, and full of soul.  The title track “Walk With Me” is gorgeously composed, with harmonies, piano, and just the right amount of everything else.  Another standout track is the folky blues rocker “Walk of Angeline” which is a really great track where Hunt’s voice shines brightly over some fiddle.

Those are just some of the great tracks on Walk With Me, which is an all-around great record.  Phoebe Hunt is incredibly talented, and her collaboration with Forsyth and The Gatherers bring the best out of her.  If you’re unfamiliar with Hunt’s work, you’re in for a treat, and make sure to check out her live record, Live at the Cactus Café, which is also incredible.

Check out Phoebe Hunt on the internet at the links below. Her record/tracks aren’t streaming, but you can check out her live performance below from SXSW 2013 where she does play a few songs from this record.

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