I have a thing for very well polished indie/pop/rock bands and the majority of the time I get into a band and then they become “mainstream”. Walk the Moon and Bastille are perfect examples for me. Walk the Moon started with a large college aged following and finally grew to blow up onto the mainstream alternative rock charts. Bastille played live last year for the first time in the US at SXSW and I was there – 9 months later they were on SNL.

The Goodnight for me could be one of those bands. They have the formula – They are definitely easy on the eyes, the singer has a strong voice, their sound as a whole is really good, tight and polished. The lyrics are relatable for a wide audience and the band as a whole is definitely talented.  I imagine the live show is good from this band as well which would also garner more fans and a larger following.

The Goodnight consists of Dan Murphy (Vocals & Guitar), Jud Benner (Guitar and Vocals), Tim Spier (Drums) and Miles Franco (Bass). The band is based in Los Angeles, and I have a feeling a few singles off their newest album release Owlbum will be able to garner some recognition for this band.

I am sharing the track “Back To Life” which has a really cool video all filmed with a GoPro.

Website: www.TheGoodnightMusic.com

Facebook: The Goodnight

Twitter: @TheGoodnight

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