It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US, so we thought we would list some songs that make us sit back, reflect, and have personal meaning to us. In other words, these are songs that make us want to say thank you to our family, friends, and all those who have helped guide us over the years.


 Band Of Horses – The Funeral

Band of Horses – “The Funeral” – I was in a major musical funk at the end of 2007. I can’t even remember what I was listening to but it was not much at all. My brother-in-law used to send out a mix CD at the end of each year. This years included Band of Horses – “The Funeral”. It was love at first listen and had the awesome side affect of reigniting my love of music. The Funeral lead to a minor obsession with Band of Horses. My musical discovery process at the time was primarily looking at Amazon recommendations and so “The Funeral” brought me back to My Morning Jacket (musical love) and introduced me to Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, The National, Arcade Fire, and many more of my current favorites. I still love the first two Band of Horses albums but really deeply love “The Funeral”. In the grand scheme of things it is not a generally a watershed movement in music but it had a profound impact on me. Without “The Funeral” I might not be the ultra obsessive music geek that I am today. Thanks Ben Bridwell and company! ~~~ Michael

 Jimmy Eat World – 23

I have been into music most of my life, but the first time I truly relied on an entire album to get me through a rough spot in my life was in 2004 and the album was Futures. J.E.W. is one of my favorite bands to see live as they are always consistently stellar.  23 was a song that I really connected with regarding the end of a relationship and in my opinion as a whole is an amazing song. I am thankful that this song and this album helped me rise above a tough situation in my personal life and kept me wanting to find those songs that I can emotionally connect with. ~~~ Wendy

 My Morning Jacket – Thank You, Too!

“Thank You, Too” is a great little underrated slow jam from My Morning Jacket’s Evil Urges. My Morning Jacket is how Ben and I met, how we became good friends, and how I became part of the crew here at The Revue.  There really isn’t a band out there that has affected my life more than My Morning Jacket. I’ve made many life long friends because of this band having seen over thirty-five incredible shows across seven different states with many of them. The My Morning Jacket fan family is huge, and it’s a great community of people so passionate about music.  “Thank You, Too!” isn’t exactly my favorite Jacket track, but it’s definitely the most fitting for this list ~~ Rich

U2 – Hallelujah, Here She Come

“Hallelujah, Here She Comes” was a b-side on U2’s “Desire” single. It’s has a country-western undertone that characterized much of U2’s music, especially their unreleased stuff, in the mid- to late-1980s, as they were mesmerized – positively and negatively – with the US. But this song is more uplifting and one may even say has a religious meaning. Regardless of any religious reference, this song has significant meaning to me because my wife walked down the aisle to this tune. ~~~ Ben


Neko Case, Night Still Comes

Mundo Musique all started with Neko Case’s, “Night Still Comes, when Kevin asked me to join The Revue team. I don’t think anyone thought this little segment would grow as much as it has. The song, itself, is one to be thankful for – that is, for the uncompromising honesty of Case’s lyrics and that individuality does not have to equate to being different nor loneliness. ~~~ Ben

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