New Zealand’s Nadia Reid just released a beautiful, melancholy record called listen to formation, look for the signs last week.  From the first track, “Runway” I was hooked.  “Runway” is a gorgeous track that immediately made me think of fellow New Zealand band Tiny Ruins.

However, those similarities are thrown aside with “Reaching Through”, a great indie rock track with distorted guitar and even a little synth.  When I said beautiful melancholy, “Holy Low” is the definition of that feeling. Just some clean, reverbed guitar with Reid’s voice painting a sad picture.  There’s an awesome folk rocker, “Seasons Change”, before the record slows down a bit before the stunning closer “Call The Days”.  Also, you have to hear the bonus track “Holy Loud”, a rocking version of “Holy Low” that turns the song on its head and turns it into a face melter.

Nadia Reid is an incredibly talented songwriter, and her band on this record is absolutely top notch.  You need to get your hands on listen to the formation, look for the signs if you dig Torres, Tiny Ruins, or Angel Olsen. You will not be disappointed.


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