Sloan exploded onto the scene just as I moved to Ottawa from Halifax. It’s almost like I just missed them, but thankfully they quickly became a national sensation. I clearly remember the album Twice Removed being pretty much on regular play for an entire year, I absolutely love that album and it has since achieved the accolades it deserves often being listed as one of the best Canadian albums of all time.

Unfortunately, as was pointed out during the show Sloan skipped Ottawa during their Twice Removed tour in 2012, but I will not hold a grudge against this great group of guys.

Sloan made the ballsy move of opening the show with Andrew Scott’s near 18 minute opus from the new album Commonwealth. A bit of a long time to play non-stop with all new material without engaging the audience. They then rotated through the band each taking equal time singing lead. In the end the tactic worked out quite nicely.

They played a second set and really cranked out the tunes, before the night was up they had gone through 27 songs, including a few lesser played tracks. It was a great night for fans.













































































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