With so much music coming out each day, we often miss some great new singles – sometimes by weeks. To rectify that, we’ve introduced “The Pick 5” (the number could change each week) – basically fivetracks that we recommend you hearing for the weekend. Think of it as a mini playlist. Happy Weekend!


Marissa Nadler, “Pitseleh” (Elliott Smith Cover)

Marissa Nadler has a knack for producing some incredible covers. She did a great cover of Father John Misty’s “Hollywood Cemetery Forever Sings”. A couple of weeks ago, she tackled a timeless classic, Elliott Smith’s “Pitseleh”. Adding her own haunting touches, Nadler elevates the original to new, dreamy heights.


Young Fathers, “Soon Come Soon”

Young Fathers, the multi-genre trio from Edinburgh, Scotland, released a new single this week, which further demonstrates their brilliant creativity. “Soon Come Soon” blends hip hop, R&B, electronic, and African beats to form a mesmerizing experience. Take a listen and discover why Young Fathers is being considered one of the bands to watch. You can also check out Ben’s conversation with band here.


Life Model, “Just You”

Another group from Scotland, Life Model are making sultry indie pop tunes. We’re still waiting for their first album, but in the meantime they keep churning out great singles, such as “Just You”. They were one of our Hidden Gems from earlier this year, and you can take a listen to some of their previously-released tracks here.


FURS, “No Voodoo”

We stay in the United Kingdom for the next track, as London’s FURS have released the dreamy and brilliant “No Voodoo”. Like Life Model, they have yet to release a full-length, but they’ve established a solid following with their psychedelic dream-pop that is a mixture of Coves, GEMS, and Widowspeak. “No Voodoo” follows in the lines of their previous tracks, “An Eye on the Vicious” and “Just Kids”, which you can find on our earlier feature of the quartet.


Moon Duo, “Animal”

It’s a been a couple of years since Sanae Yamada and Ripley Johnson, who is best known for his work with Wooden Shjips, released some new music as Moon Duo. Well, this week, they announced they would be releasing a new album early in 2015. The first track is “Animal”, which is prototypical Moon Duo – reverb-trenched, hazy indie rock. Enjoy!


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